A Short Conversation with BlahGigi: Successful Influencer and OnlyFans Content Creator

Contributing writer Efren Arcos Jr.

Who were you in high school? Did you hang with the “popular” kids? Were you studious? Perhaps, like many creatives, you had few or no friends.

In high school, I was a pothead, so we used to skip class and smoke weed. I wasn’t a popular kid, but I was the only Gigi in my high school.

Are you rich? Are you getting rich? What does money mean to you?

I wouldn’t consider myself rich. I am investing my money. I’m putting it into products and things that will have residual income. I do shop, but I don’t put myself into debt to show out and look a certain way. Money to me just means opportunity. It allows me to put myself in situations, and around certain types of people that can elevate my life.

How do you keep fit? What’s off the menu? What do you do for exercise?

In my personal opinion, I am not fit at all, but I am not an overweight person. I do have a somewhat good metabolism.

Check out more of BlahGiGi at Instagram @Officiallyblahgigi

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