Australian actress stars in Azar international campaign

Everyone is staying home due to the pandemic that has swept the world, and that means everyone is online more now than ever! With apps like TikTok and Instagram remaining in the top tier downloads, the new wave of technology reliance, like getting on zooms instead of going into the office, has opened the door for more communication apps to rise to popularity.

Azar is one of these versatile apps. Azar is a video chat app that can instantly connect you with millions of others nearby and around the world. And in a time when the globe has moved completely online, this app became a phenomenon. With over 100 million downloads the app is popular all over the world. Shooting to recognition from its clever marketing campaigns seen everywhere right now.

Australian actress, Lilly Dennis, is extremely well known for her comedic roles in film and tv. Also being incredibly well acclaimed on Broadway, the actress was a perfect pick to star in multiple commercials for Azar, promoting the app globally. The comedic skits the commercial featured have gone viral, and are hilariously constructed to tell a story but also promote the enjoyable experience the app brings to its users.

Clearly, the clever and well-cast marketing campaign worked with currently over 100 million downloads, and the company is worth close to a billion dollars this past year. Azar continues to grow in numbers and is now in the top ten downloaded apps in the world.

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