Dr. David Shokrian – The Doctor of Astounding Plastic Surgery and Above and Beyond Philanthropy Efforts

Dr. David Shokrian is one of the top plastic surgeons in NYC. Over the years, his patients have been more than happy with his work’s stunning results, giving him the nickname “Dr. Snatched”. He has devoted his career to making his patients look and feel better than ever, which he has undoubtedly been successful in doing. “My practice has become the go-to plastic surgery practice in the Northeast for body-affirming procedures,” says Dr. Shokrian.

Dr.Shokrian MD graduated with his medical degree from Tel Aviv University Sackler in Israel. After receiving this, he moved to the United States, where he completed his general surgery residency at the Nassau University Medical Center. He then decided that he wanted to further his training in plastic surgery, so he completed his Plastic Surgery fellowship with the University of Alabama Birmingham and a Burn Surgery fellowship with the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Dr. Shokrian currently practices at Millennial Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, New York City. He specializes in awake body contouring procedures such as Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, face lifts, and mini tummy tucks. Awake procedures like these that a qualified surgeon performs lead to fewer complications, less downtime, and less pain.

Aside from these procedures, Dr. Shokrian goes above and beyond, performing gender-reaffirming surgeries and working with burn victims. In addition, he says, “We work with both trans activists and influencers to bring awareness and educate the trans community about what procedures can be done safely and what can be expected over time with multiple procedures that are often needed to help a patient transition comfortably.” Dr. Shokrian goes on to explain that he has also given charitable contributions to multiple trans youth outreach programs and has hosted community town hall meetings to better address the entire LGBTQ community with concerns about transitioning.

Dr. Shokrian emphasizes the importance of giving back to the local community. He has helped many high-risk individuals on pro-bono surgical missions abroad and in the United States. “I have continued caring for adult and pediatric burn patients in my clinic. We do about 20 pro bono surgeries annually on patients who travel worldwide for post-burn reconstruction.”

It is clear that Dr. Shokrian wants to give back to the community and help individuals in need.

He adds, “Plastic surgery encompasses the entire breadth of reconstructive surgery. Working with burn victims and patients with gender dysphoria allows plastic surgery’s cosmetic and reconstructive aspects to intersect and achieve life-alterations for people who have suffered from or are dealing with a physical deformity.”

Aside from his surgical work, Dr. Shokrian also works at the Boys and Girls Club of New York to give back to high-risk youths. He also regularly attends conferences for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Southeastern Society of Plastic Surgery. If that wasn’t magnificent work already, he furthers his philanthropy efforts as he works with Uplift International. This non-profit organization funds and performs pediatric cleft lip and palate surgery in the Philippines.

Dr. Shokrian’s patients are more than happy with their results and have numerous great reviews about him. One says, “He helped boost my confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. Words can’t explain how overjoyed I am.” Another says, “After looking at photos of his work, I drove 5 hours to see him and would have driven 100 more. Simply put, Dr. Shokrian is the best plastic surgeon in NYC! He is on point. He is thorough. He has a God-given talent, and my results are amazing. I had no idea my body could even look like this. Thank you!”

What is Dr. Shokrian’s advice to all? He says, “Love yourself and who you are in this moment, be positive and stay positive before and after surgery, and understand that you are unique and your procedure is unique to you, don’t think of Plastic Surgery as a way to look like someone else; think of it as a way to look your absolute best!” Dr. Shokrian and his team at Millennial Plastic Surgery will always ensure that every patient receives the finest care in NYC to feel and look their best.

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