Entrepreneur J.J. Hebert makes Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller lists with Success Mindsets

As per a press release issued through KTVN and other popular news outlets, Success Mindsets: How Top Entrepreneurs Succeed in Business and Life, which released this month, hit the top spot on Amazon’s Nonfiction best-seller list. It also made an appearance on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Seller list. The eBook exploded onto the USA Today Best Seller list at number 126 and the Wall Street Journal Best Seller list at number 5 for Nonfiction E-Books. Renowned entrepreneur J.J. Hebert co-authored the anthology book with other top entrepreneurs in the United States.

J.J. Hebert’s chapter, selected by the publisher as the first chapter in the book, was entitled Putting Ideas into Motion: How a Low Point in Life Led to a Successful Mindset. The introductory chapter talks about Hebert’s time in corporate America and his getting laid off, his rise as a bestselling author and his adoption of a successful mindset — and, finally, how he earned the attention of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, a moment that changed the trajectory of Hebert’s publishing business, MindStir Media.

J.J. Hebert released a statement to us about the book’s launch and early success: “This opportunity to join the book Success Mindsets came to me because I’m a member of the Forbes Business Council. I couldn’t pass it up. I truly believe that successful entrepreneurs have a duty to share their knowledge with those who are also trying to find success themselves. No one becomes successful completely on their own, after all. I hope the book and my chapter inspire the entrepreneurs who come after us…”

Success Mindsets is an anthology highlighting the thought process, attitude and approach to your professional life. The difference between success and failure is how you view a problem.

The world prizes success. It rarely shows the effort people make to achieve it. We crave success, but it can seem so unattainable that we assume it’s not for us. What if successful business people were to let us in on their secrets? That what separates the adored from the overlooked is mindset

You will come to understand this by reading the brilliant contributors of Success Mindsets. This anthology gathers advice from several dozen exceptional leaders, ranging from CEOs to champions to game-changers. Success Mindsets reveals that many roads lead to success and you must choose the one that suits your concept best.

Each chapter in Success Mindsets reveals methods for developing the right approach for navigating your journey to success.

J.J. Hebert is the founder and CEO of MindStir Media, an award-winning self-publishing and book publicity company partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. Hebert was named “Entrepreneur to Watch in 2021” by International Business Times. Influencive selected him as one of the top entrepreneurs to follow in 2021 alongside Barbara Corcoran and Jordan Belfort, and LA Weekly crowned him one of the top Instagram influencers you should be following. He has appeared as a self-publishing and business expert in other major publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance, among others. He’s a writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and a member of Forbes Business Council.

Success Mindsets is available as an eBook at Amazon.com and BN.com. The paperback counterpart of Success Mindsets will hit bookshelves in several months through distribution by Simon & Schuster, a top book distributor and publisher in the nation.

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