Fed Up With Google, Conspiracy Theorists Turn to DuckDuckGo

Free the Will Patriots
Forwarded from Silence Dogood, MBA

I just started using DuckDuckGo today, and needless to say it is like being brought into the 21st century!

Tamara Keller


Patricia W

If you go on DuckDuckGo we pull right up! Trump and republic forever

Stream Lord

Or search on duckduckgo. Search “bouncing lasers off moon without mirror”

Forwarded from Outlaw_Marine

Task Force Orange. DuckDuckGo it.

Terri Cole

Go off Telegram and off Google search. Hit DuckDuckGo and start looking up what you want to know.


If you do your own research, you should also use DuckDuckGo, as Google already filters out a lot.


Going by a search on DuckDuckGo, Obama is in Gitmo &🤔

Linda Ploszaj

Have you seen this? … I found it using DuckDuckGo.

Holly Hauck

I found this information on duckduckgo

Lori 85PS

Begin searching frontline doctors on DuckDuckGo not a Google search.

Forwarded from MD Patriots United

Subliminal messages… &🛑 Using Google, user DuckDuckGo….


school should have taught us but purposefully didn’t &🥲 duckduckgo is your friend

Kim J

Look up detoxing from the jab on DuckDuckGo. Stay off of G&👀gle for any research about jabs.

John Son

Look up these keywords with DuckDuckGo not google.


Must use duckduckgo. Not google.


5g kills… Use duckduckgo to query…

God’s Child

Stay AWAY from Google searches, only use duckduckgo.

Adrianne Curry

Duckduckgo it. Google is trying to rewrite its meaning.


You’re being carefully indoctrinated. Use DuckDuckgo instead.

Victory For Tomorrow

DELETE GOOGLE: Switch to Duck Duck Go

Patricia Jarona

The truth is out there. Don’t Google anything. Use duckduckgo.

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