Internet Sensational Duo InternetCity Have Been Bringing a Unique Blend Between Rap and Pop Culture Uniquely Coined as “Nerdcore”

Taking the music world by storm is the inimitable duo made up of the lads InternetAaron and InternetMikey; two phenomenally gifted artists and YouTubers who have always developed a certain unique liking to rap music and saw an opportunity to do something different by coming up with a distinctive genre of rap music called nerdcode. Nerdcore basically blends rap music with other materials such as anime, video games, movies, cartoons, and the like! Going uniquely as InternetCity, their sound has been quickly appreciated and received with enthusiasm- their Spotify Channel for example boasts of over 15,800 monthly listeners with the tracks from their impressive discography amassing hundreds of thousands of streams collectively!

Coming through with what feels like a hefty wave of momentum, InternetCity seeks to bring something different to the rap roster and as a fan of hip-hop music, their style is undeniably likable and had my interest aroused really from the moment I first learned about them.

What you can expect is more than quality sound- this is a cinematic journey that appeals to your internal organs while physically taking you on an extremely impressive journey where you get fully immersed into the sound and visualize in your mind all the different influences that are integrated into the sound- its most definitely a 3-D experience.

Their latest track, “Burn Up (Dabi Rap) for example is a fiery and anthemic hip-hop banger with very tasty melodic hooks over the explosive hip-hop beats. That cover art is also ridiculously creative as far as video game graphic creativity is concerned. It is the type of track to get you pumped up from the first minute all the way to the last one- it is little wonder why the tune already has a staggering over 80k Spotify streams.

This is of course an invitation to experience something great and unique at the same time and in moments where we have been treated to the same sound for years now, change is as good as rest. InternetCity is rapidly growing and this is more than the music now; it is a community that honors its culture in all the right ways.

Follow both InternetAaron and InternetMikey on their social handles so as to be part of this exciting journey. Also, follow the attached link to experience what nerdcore rap music tastes like!

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