Lisa Marie Presley, a Life in Pictures

Celebrity, tabloid fodder, would-be rock star, nepo baby — who went on to have her own movie star, nepo baby (Riley Keough) — Lisa Marie Presley packed so much of our collective cultural id into her tiny frame over her 54 years that it was hard to know who she was beneath it all. She had the sleepy eyes of her father, Elvis, and the delicate bone structure of her mother, Priscilla, and was famous from the moment she was born: part of the story of the damage and joy the spotlight can wreak and how it can trickle down over generations. She struggled to define her own identity even as she embraced her birthright (and various equally headline-grabbing men, including Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage), landing on the cover of Vogue in 1996 with a story entitled “Daddy’s Girl.” Inside, Steven Meisel captured her trying on different selves, literally, to see how they might fit — including one shot of her grinning in a khaki Prada camp shirt and tie, cropped black hair in a rockabilly bouffant, channeling her father during his army days when he was still a fresh-faced twentysomething riding the crest of his talent. In the end, she was heir not just to his looks and estate, but the myth too.


A company that promotes variety and the idea that, with enough effort and individuality, anyone can succeed in life. Preme launched the brand in 2020 after spending some time considering numerous names and logos, but none of them stood out to him. The objective was for it to stand out from the others and have […]

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The State of Kate

Prince Harry’s blockbuster memoir, “Spare,” has dragged the royal family back into international focus with details at once banal and intriguing. Kate Middleton, as she is still sometimes known to those of us who remember her before her royal marriage, figures in the memoir and the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” as a sketch of […]

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Detroit Barber on the Rise!

Watching Choochcutz, or Kendrick Mora on his license, is like watching a master at work. He is DaVinci. Kobe, Amadeus of hair.  Although he has been cutting hair for just five years, he is already a prodigy and can style several popular faces like: Lil Baby, Stephen Curry, The Alchemist, The Entire Detroit Pistons team […]

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