Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani first started investing in cryptocurrency 2 years ago.

Bitcoin, currently the largest crypto by market value, was trading at over $6965 at the time, according to CoinMarketCap. Whereas, at that time Ethereum was trading at a few hundred dollars. Although, bitcoin sitting at a few thousand dollars and ethereum at a few hundreds, he chose to invest it on altcoins which were sitting below a dollar and currently trading at more than $10 value.

‘My investments aren’t only lying in crypto, but I have also invested in the agriculture sector of Pakistan, whereas I have inherited my father’s business as an official heir, managing my factories, hotels and let properties in Pakistan and globally. Nothing would have been possible without the help of my elder brother, Mir Noor Ahmed,’ he says.

This is the link to Mir Lakhmir’s instagram account, where he flashse his lifestyle.


When we asked him that what advices he would give to his followers, he stated.

  • Trust nobody
  • Only you can do it, no one is going to do it for you
  • Take the risk, be a risk taker
  • Always keep your family close
  • Don’t give up

‘The biggest challenge of my life was losing my father, at the age of 22 years old. He was a warrior and gave me that spirit to overcome all the difficulties in life. To be very honest, I see myself after 5 years at a top of the mountain in a mansion proving everyone wrong, who always led me down in life since the beginning,’ he said.

Before Mir Lakhmir started his crypto journey, he was pursuing his law degree from the University of Essex in UK. At that time, Mir Lakhmir started crypto as little as from $65, that’s when he just wanted to add more funds day by day. When our team asked him, what did he thought about it at the beginning of his crypto journey, as whoever started it thought of it as a scam, He replied, ‘I was fascinated by the technology of Blockchains and how I could make a name for myself and become an expert on the industry as a whole.’

“In 2020, I saw my net worth basically come crashing down,” he says. “It was during the university life, as everything seems dull at that time, when everyone kind of wrote it off, that I was really heavily investing, putting basically all of my income just into Polkadot, when it costed around like $2.69.”

Of course, this was a very risky move, as Polkadot didn’t even listed on the top 10 list at that time. Whereas even today, experts warn to only invest money into crypto that you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, speculative investments.

Once Mir Lakhmir graduated in 2021, he got more serious about his cryptocurrency portfolio, he says, that’s when I got lucky when both bitcoin and ether had recently plunged in value. Polkadot skyrocketed to $50, making it to its ATH in value and I ended making up my first $100,000 from my crypto Portfolio, and it went on after that.

Mir Lakhmir advices his followers to get into crypto right now, as 2022 is the best time to invest in crypto. ‘It’s giving it’s buyers an opportunity that I don’t think we would get after 2023, this is history right now with what’s going on with the crypto market, ‘ he says. ‘I believe entering the crypto market was one of my best move, as I tried everything during my university years to make money online, but always ended up losing it. From binary trading to stocks, everything failed. I’m blessed that, at a very young age, I got the chance to make my own first million. My goal is to reach to the 100 million clubs just from my crypto portfolio, and much more in the future,’ he says.

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