Los Angeles, CA – RFM Productions, a minority-led nonprofit organization focused on value-based storytelling and environmental advocacy, is making a call to action at the upcoming 77th Cannes Film Festival. CEO Rafaela Moura, an EPA Federal Senior advisor, Brazilian Native, and environmental justice award winner, is urging A-listers and funders to develop stories that are timely and environmentally transformational.

In response to the recent closure of Participant Media, RFM Productions aligns itself with the open letter organized by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, which calls on Hollywood studios to prioritize social impact in filmmaking. RFM Productions is dedicated to filling the void left by Participant Media and joining the movement to harness the power of art to change the world.

“Our mission at RFM Productions is to make a real impact through value-based storytelling,” said Rafaela Moura, Founder of RFM Productions. “Now, more than ever, we need stories that raise awareness and inspire behavioral change. We focus on addressing the most pressing environmental issues, particularly those affecting the Amazon rainforest, a vital carbon sink.”

RFM Productions seeks to collaborate with industry leaders, talented filmmakers, and passionate advocates who share the vision of creating thought-provoking content that addresses environmental concerns and promotes social change and behavior.

By combining the power of storytelling with sustainable production practices, RFM Productions aims to drive meaningful conversations, raise environmental consciousness, and inspire audiences to take action.

As the film industry gathers at Cannes, RFM Productions calls on filmmakers, actors, and investors to recognize the importance of value-based storytelling and its potential to shape public opinion and drive positive change. Together, we can amplify voices, shed light on critical environmental issues, and contribute to a sustainable and just future for all.


RFM Productions is a minority-led nonprofit organization founded by Rafaela Moura. With a focus on value-based content and environmental advocacy, RFM Productions aims to raise awareness for the most pressing climate issues, particularly those related to the Amazon rainforest and BIPOC communities. By combining meaningful stories people don’t know in a way that really moves them with scientific knowledge, and social impact, RFM Productions seeks to inspire change, promote environmental justice, and empower marginalized communities living in the rainforest and protecting the million of plants and animal species that need our help.

For more information about RFM Productions and their work, please visit www.rfmproductions.org

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