Taeler Made Talks

Content Writer, Christine M. Feliciano

How do you go from glow-up internet fame to nothing in a matter of seconds? Half a decade of work has vanished. Taeler Made, the social media influencer/adult entertainer, has had her fair share of devastating nightmares with various platforms. Taeler spent years devoted to her fans and millions of followers. Building her empire in 2014, and suddenly, one day, she discovered all her pages/material were gone; she was shadow banned, particularly off Instagram. Taeler says, “Instagram can be very particular on what and who is allowed to share content; they will not even give me my page back; the content was never saved.” Taeler had to start over from scratch.                                               

Like a diamond under pressure, Taeler shined more than ever after being blocked and having all her original content restricted. Her numbers demonstrate her fans’ appreciation and loyalty to Ms. Taeler Made. As of October 2022, she had 94.6K followers on Twitter, 352.2M views on TikTok,6.25K subscribers on YouTube, 529K followers on Instagram, and 17.4K followers for Taelermadedancewear on Instagram.  

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