Vengeance (Movie)

B.J. Novak Went to Texas Looking for ‘Vengeance’ and Found America

A funny story that B.J. Novak likes to tell from the making of his new movie is about the day he thought he was having a stroke. Are you chuckling yet? At the start of 2020, Novak, a writer, comedian and alumnus of “The Office,” had finally gotten the green light to make “Vengeance,” a […]

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‘Vengeance’ Review: A Dish Best Served With Frito Pie

Ben Manalowitz, who writes for The New Yorker (he’s played by B.J. Novak, who has been published in its pages), wants to break into podcasting. “Not every white guy in America needs to have a podcast,” someone tells him, but this white guy sees the platform as a perfect stage for his ambitions and his […]

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