The Housing Slowdown Is Wreaking Havoc on the Short-Term Rental Market

Sabrina Must is wondering where her vacation rental bookings have gone.

“I would have made upwards of $12,000 in a month in the summer,” says Ms. Must, 37, who for just over three years has short-term rented her two-bedroom, one-bathroom property in Encinitas, Calif., a beach town located about 25 miles north of San Diego. “Any weekend I wanted to be booked during the pandemic, I was booked. It was kind of like that prepandemic. Not as busy, but still busy.”

Lights, Camera, Impact: Antoine Gijbels’ Inspiring Videography Journey

Antoine Gijbels is not your ordinary videomaker. Hailing from a small town in Belgium, Antoine’s journey into the world of videography is a testament to passion, determination, and creative excellence. At a young age of 20, armed with nothing but a camera and a dream, Antoine embarked on a life-changing trip to Thailand that marked […]

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They Built a Platform to Combat Genetic Discrimination

Back in 2019, we asked ourselves the question: “What happens to biomedical data that’s collected by online health, wellness and genetic analysis apps?”. We really didn’t like the answer. Since then, we’ve developed and launched DeBio.Network, an online decentralized platform that connects labs and patients, with data privacy as our strongest guideline. We see the […]

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Featured on Times Square: Dan Durkee’s Horror Novels “Prey” and “Survive” Gain Tremendous Success

Published On March 17th 2024 From Times Square to Forbes, Dan Durkee’s universe of horrors is all the rage, ushering in a new age of psychological horrors in independent publishing. [Golden, CO] – Firefighter turned author Dan Durkee has taken center stage in independent publishing with his gripping horror novels “Prey” and “Survive,” garnering widespread […]

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