A company that promotes variety and the idea that, with enough effort and individuality, anyone can succeed in life. Preme launched the brand in 2020 after spending some time considering numerous names and logos, but none of them stood out to him. The objective was for it to stand out from the others and have a purpose.

Preme made the decision to submit a humorous video he had just so-happen to record of him and a friend chasing a rat in a New York City building on Tiktok on October 26, 2021. The video received over 10,000 views in just one hour after being posted the same day. It received over 100,000 views in a single day. Within a week of its upload, the film had amassed 2 million views on tiktok alone. Preme contacts Worldstar because they wanted the video to be made available on their platforms. The video was published on Worldstar’s Instagram and Tiktok two weeks later. It has since received 10.8 million views across both accounts, excluding the 2 million views he received alone. 

6ixcess, also known as Sixcess Factory, was founded after a year when the concept was crystal clear. The team was gradually established; it currently has 20,000 Instagram followers. They currently have four goods available, including hats, shirts, and even stickers.

The first item to be made available was the “HeavyRoller Trucker,” which is currently sold out and will shortly be restocked. Looking forward to 6ixcess’ upcoming releases and what’s in store for them next. 

A Brief Upon My “Philosophy” of Teaching

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, FRSA* A great number of inquisitive souls have sought a clear exposition of my philosophy of teaching. Although I wish to provide them with such, I object to ever having possessed a statement with the clarity or unity of anything exceeding a bare set of reasoned pedagogical heuristics. These heuristics – which […]

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AI App Rolls Out Your Single Source for the Foremost Language and Image Synthesis Models

[London, 13 Feb 2024] – AI App is proud to announce the launch of, a revolutionary platform that consolidates top-tier Large Language Models (LLMs) and text-to-image models under a single membership. This platform is meticulously designed to provide seamless access to a wide array of advanced AI models, including GPT-4, Google’s Gemini and PaLM […]

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GAFS Co. – Your Key to Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Funds

MAGHAN BARBER GRANT AND FUNDING SPECIALIST “Founded with a passion for sustainable development, we specialize in crafting comprehensive grant proposals tailored to the unique needs of water and wastewater utilities across the United States“ In the dynamic realm of water and wastewater utilities, securing funding for vital infrastructure projects is often a complex challenge. This […]

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