The Unstoppable Rajeev Lakhanpal

The virtual world proudly announces the launch of Kaishen Infomatics with Rajeev Lakhanpal who needs no introduction.He..has now made a giant leap into the world of applications and gaming. Headquartered in Dubai,UAE, Kaishen aims to change the gaming experience for everyone

-What inspired you to start Kaishen?

-Kaishen started months after the pandemic hit. The thought behind it was simple at the time: to make something entertaining that people of all ages would enjoy and could easily do, without violating rules, and while staying indoors. That was when the first game under Kaishen Infomatics was published. We have not looked back since, and continue to develop more games and to grow the Kaishen family- both externally and internally.

-Where do you see Kaishen in 5 years from now?

-Kaishen is the future, and we want it to leave a mark wherever it goes. In the next 5 years there is a lot in stock for the company. In the next 6 months, Kaishen is looking to impact the lives of about 1 billion people. It is also looking to get listed on NASDAQ in the next two years; and in the next 5 years, is projected to be among the top 5 gaming companies of all time.

-What do you intend to do later?

-We are soon going to introduce a plethora of new softwares and games; including 3D games, games for play consoles, virtual reality games, etc. We are also looking to expand into the fields of education and e-commerce.

-What were the greatest challenges that you faced when starting out initially?

-We have just stepped into the world of gaming. Even though I had a background in the IT sector but i am not a technical person and gaming came with a whole different set of challenges of its own.

-Do you believe that your products are meant for different generations?

-Yes, all of the kaishen products are designed to be used by different generations. They are user friendly and simple yet encourage the logical thinking. What makes you a Global Company? Our apps and games are not only age inclusive but also human inclusive. At Kaishen, this term means inclusivity of people from different backgrounds, ages, languages, cultures- everyone who wants to join us at the Kaishen family.

Anything else you would like to convey?

-The Kaishen family would love to thank the government of Dubai for giving us the opportunity and the platform for Kaishen, and our team, who are working tirelessly day and night to help Kaishen fulfil its dreams and above all our users.

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