On January 22, 2022 Peter Turcios, becomes a champion when he defeats 26-year-old undefeated Joel Beltran in the 1st round of their WBC fight in Mexico. Turcios dedicated his upset win to “All my haters!.” In a fascinating technical encounter, the first real fireworks came at the end of round one when Beltran was troubled by another Turcios one-two before landing a powerful right just before the bell.

The Mexican home favorite Beltran who was undefeated 16-0 struggled to handle the challenger’s accuracy and range of shots in the first half of the first round, but a couple of right hooks to the body late in round one gave the crowd something to shout about. That was the spark for Beltran to commit more to attack, but Turcios proved hard to hit and stopped the Beltran momentarily in his tracks with a one-two late in round one. It soon became clear that the Beltran needed something special to change the course of the contest, but Turcios took his punches well and landed enough shots of his own to stay ahead on the scorecards and finished the fight at the end of round one by knockout.

Turcios said in his post-fight interview, “This means a great deal to me. The fight went exactly the way I expected it to go.” Dreams came true for the Mexican American fighter of Oxnard, California. “My dream came true,” Peter Turcios told ESPN Pablo Viruega. “This is my dream since I was a child. Hard work pays off!” Outside of the boxing ring, Turcios, has become enormously wealthy and successful as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. A bright future is ahead for the new crowned WBC Continental Americas Champion Peter Turcios. Watch the full fight:

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