When It Comes to Vacation Homes, A-Frames Are as ‘Iconic’ as It Gets

A-frames are easily recognized by their triangular shape. It is the result of bringing the roof down and eliminating the walls, said Brent Campbell, an architect in Asheville, N.C. “They became this sort of iconic shape for rural vacation retreat-type structures,” said Mr. Campbell.

In the book “A-Frame,” author Chad Randl, an architecture historian and professor at the University of Oregon, wrote that A-frames have shown up in history from ancient Japan to rural Europe. These structures are strong and snow slides right off their pitched roofs, making them appealing in remote, cold areas. Because they were affordable and functional, A-frames became a popular vacation-home style in the U.S. in the 1950s. Interest in them remains today.

Dr. David Shokrian – The Doctor of Astounding Plastic Surgery and Above and Beyond Philanthropy Efforts

Dr. David Shokrian is one of the top plastic surgeons in NYC. Over the years, his patients have been more than happy with his work’s stunning results, giving him the nickname “Dr. Snatched”. He has devoted his career to making his patients look and feel better than ever, which he has undoubtedly been successful in […]

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Meet Abel Man: The Multi-Talented Content Creator Exploring the Richness of Hispanic Culture

Abel Ramirez Gonzalez, best known as Abel Man, is an online content creator and cultural enthusiast who has been making waves in the Hispanic community with his short and funny videos on TikTok and Instagram, highlighting accents and cultures from different Spanish-speaking countries. He was born somewhere in Latin America and moved to the United […]

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We read Vick-Knew-Zeus Manga, and it’s amazing, Project Bruja’s title will be revealed later this year. Who is Zeus’s Mystery Character?

We secretly read the first fifty pages of your manga Project Bruja, and it’s the most impressive and yet crazy thing we have ever read. How did you come up with this Manga idea? ( Laughter) Project Bruja became a thing when I heard a lot of black women on the internet expressing their love […]

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