An Indoor Pool Area Offers Escape Without Ever Leaving the House

Steven Romero and Martie Kilmer are well-versed in bathhouses. 

Mr. Romero, 58, who retired as an eBay vice president and founded Critical Path Software, first encountered ancient bathing facilities as an exchange student in Istanbul in high school. Ms. Kilmer, 53, a sculptor and home stylist, learned to appreciate the creation of bathing ceremonies in a drier version from sauna-like steam baths known as maqii in Alaska, where her parents, both teachers, moved from Oregon when she was in high school.

Astronomy for Teenagers: Galactic Odyssey – Inspiring Tales of Celestial Trailblazers

This book, stemming from Prof. Robert Stewart’s profound engagement with Astronomy at U.C. Berkeley, culminated in the attainment of an Sc.D. in the field. Throughout his academic journey, a predominant focus on the historical discoveries of astronomers was noted, with a notable absence of insights into their personal lives. In response, the book aims to […]

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Capturing Stories, Connecting Worlds: The Journey of Cade Chudy and 4th Shore Productions

In an era defined by fleeting digital interactions and ephemeral content, the enduring power of storytelling has emerged as a beacon of authenticity and connection. At the heart of this narrative tapestry stands Cade Chudy, the visionary founder of 4th Shore Productions, whose journey from humble beginnings to global storyteller is a testament to the […]

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The Multidimensional Universe: A New Theory Unfolds

Scientists have long grappled with the mysteries of the cosmos, but a new theory might turn our understanding on its head. This bold concept suggests that the universe we know is just a fraction of a much larger, multidimensional construct where the fundamental particles of nature navigate through additional spatial dimensions beyond our perception. Enter […]

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