Taom Is Here! Guided Meditation Has Never Been This Fun

Creative storytelling leads users through guided meditation journeys on the first of its kind Taom: The Art Of Meditation app, which also uses fine art as its visual focus for transformative mindful healing.

Taom is not a standard well-being app or meditation app. Its unique approach draws on the transformative power of storytelling to focus the mind, improve self-awareness, and form the basis of its guided meditations.

Choose from one of Taom’s themed in-app story-meditations, focusing on managing everyday stress and manifestation. Bedtimes become more restful with the Taom guided meditations for sleep. Alternatively, the Taom Confidence Series is on hand to boost self-love and banish limiting beliefs.

Art Meditation

Notably, the Taom app also uses fine art as the visual focal point for meditation, creating a full-sensory immersive experience for its users. Regular use raises serotonin levels, promotes spiritual and physical healing, improves mindfulness, and instills a greater sense of calm. 

The founders of Taom say, “Art, with its ability to regulate emotion and impact the nervous system, is a perfect focal point for meditation.

“When we see art that we love, it can affect us in a deeply profound way. Scientists liken it to the feeling of falling in love. Using art for meditation opens up this part of our subconscious and lets us reach our true inner selves.

“Taom is the only app that combines a focus on fine art with two magical worlds of mindfulness – storytelling and guided meditations. 

“Telling stories, and using those stories to guide you through meditation sessions, is a unique way to raise serotonin levels and boost mental health.”

Sleep Stories

Taom sleep stories create a world of calm, peace, and inner reflection that transcend the sleep space and generate a heightened awareness and a reduction in stress and anxiety across the whole day. 

Simply choose from a specially designed set of guided meditation for sleep in the Taom sleep tab to enhance a peaceful, restful night.

Taom Meditation Options

Suitable for meditation newbies, the Taom Starter Pack teaches the basics of meditation in clear, simple-to-follow terms before inviting the user to enjoy the full Taom experience. 

More seasoned meditation practitioners can download the app from their online store of choice, select a story and art combination from the meditation tab, and follow the guided meditations daily. Users can choose between story-meditations on everything from managing stress to sleep or manifestation. 

Alternatively, the Taom Signature Series allows for further mindfulness progression, enhancing a feeling of vibrancy and abundance throughout the user’s daily life. 

Anxiety sufferers can access the Taom Confidence Series, which offers gentle solutions to increase self-esteem. These story-meditations are specifically designed to help overcome limiting beliefs and teach techniques for self-love. 

Alongside meditations, users can also choose to relax to a range of soothing background music which includes a range of popular classical works.

A free trial of Taom: The Art Of Meditation is available now via the App Store and Google Play. 

About Taom: The Art Of Meditation

Taom is a new, unique meditation app that uses creative storytelling to lead users through a guided meditation journey. The first app of its kind to combine storytelling and meditation techniques, Taom: The Art Of Meditation, uses fine art as its visual focus to enhance self-awareness and mindfulness and create healing states of mind.  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taomapp/

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