Titanium service expanded by USPA Nationwide Security

In addition to American Express Centurion Concierge, USPA now offers their boutique close protection service to all high-net-worth individuals and celebrities.

On Wednesday, USPA announced that it had expanded its Titanium Service, a concierge-style protection service for celebrities and high net worth individuals, just hours before rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot during a Los Angeles robbery. USPA set aside teams of highly trained individuals to handle last-minute concierge calls from Centurion card holders, also known as the “Black Card” before the Titanium service line was released.

Protecting celebrities with military veterans

Using their 5,000 military veterans, transitioned to civilian protective teams across the globe, USPA’s Titanium Service has been protecting high-net-worth individuals in plain sight, but I’m guessing most people didn’t know about it. You may have encountered members of USPA’s Titanium Service while visiting A-list resorts like Eden Rock in St. Barts, Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy or Velassaru Maldives. A highly subtle team that consists of security advance, counterattack, and countersurveillance teams, as well as leads and escort teams, security drivers, and even medics, provide effective protection while also remaining invisible to the untrained eye.

VIP and high-net-worth individual risk mitigation

Last night, rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed during a robbery in Los Angeles, reminding us that public figures face heightened risks. Similar to our executive protection division, our Titanium service assesses and plans the risk of celebrity clients long before they arrive at events or even at last-minute dinners, explained USPA’s Vice President and Titanium Program Administrator, Brian Fitzgibbons. “Off the record” movements require a preliminary check and the placement of a static security guard before the principal arrives.” Team members perform off-the-record movements when they make last-minute stops away from their pre-planned route. A 24-hour command center monitors and oversees the entire operation from a Manhattan office. Titanium teams often operate from areas where autonomous drones capture live video feeds and relay the information to command centers.

A brief overview of USPA Nationwide Security

Since 2005, the security firm has been providing executive protection, yacht security and armed security to high-net-worth individuals on six continents. USPA also provides fire watch guards and traditional security officers in North American cities. 

Media Contact:

Brian Fitzgibbons, VP

(800) 214-1448


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