Up, close & personal with the entertainment maestro, Ariel Lavi

Ariel Lavi is an Israeli Actor, Screenwriter and Producer, started his acting career in the Studio Theatre at Haifa, Studied Acting at Lee Strasberg Film/Theatre Institute. He studied Screenwriting in a few universities in the UK and now producing many films in Israel and in all over the world. This week he won in  Best Thriller/Buddy Film Award Category in 48 hours film festival in NYC and now he will be our guest in a special interview.

Hello Ariel, how are you?

“Amazing, Many films are upcoming soon”

 Let’s talk about your film “Race” please share the process of the production

“This film was nominated in ImproAction Film Festival in Israel, We qualified to the final stage and it was exciting,I invite you to watch our film on YouTube and soon we will submit it to other festivals “

Share with us the American short film you produced “InHouse”

“This film was submitted and accepted to “Habayta” international film festival and referees were Ayelet Zorer, Nancy Spielberg and so on, it was a nice experience “

We heard you producing a new film by your company you opened  in the US “Golden Space Entertainment “

 “ it’s a short film that our company in LA will produce it. My partner Shahar Gaham a Director and Video Editor will direct and edit. It’s a very exciting film about our special client. He is disabled and wrote an amazing script. We are starting our campaign very soon”

Congratulations your winning in the Best Thriller/Suspense/Buddy Film Award Category”

“ Thanks, I was an Associate Producer. It was an amazing process. This film is called  “Salad For Soulmate” and I worked with the Production department. First of all my partner Shira Hadad, Without her I don’t know If I would win. We had an amazing American crew and it was my first time I won, and it’s really unbelievable “

What are your next films?

“I can’t tell but I have a lot of work, So it’s nice but this isn’t easy”

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